school minischool mini Have you missed your school or nursery photos or your little ones missed having their sibling photos together. Always a great keep sake seeing them grow and to send to the family.

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Friday the 15th & Saturday the 16th July  

These will be 10 minuet sessions. So all you have to do is book your time slot. The session is free, but a £5 deposit is required and will be deducted for any products ordered.
During this session individual portraits and sibling portraits can be done in this session. 

Serenity Eye Order form fromt 2022-miniSerenity Eye Order form fromt 2022-mini

When you have your session you will be given a form with the Packs that are available. These are at a heavily reduced prices .These packs are very different too many school packs. With the Serenity Eye packs you have the freedom to order different images with in you pack. All prints come in a mount. As a mum i hate having 3 plus images of the same image feel free to mix and match the images within the pack..

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