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Welcoming a precious little one to the world is the biggest joy!! Memories that will be with you forever. The first few weeks fly by and capturing their newborn stage of their story is something very special. Its crazy how quick they change. I feel so blessed to be able to capture these memories for you.
A newborn sitting is a relaxing experience giving you that time to relax and close the world off. Having a newborn can be filled with so many visits from well-wishers and midwives. All my clients say how relaxed they felt, a true honour as I always try to make the studio feel like a second home.

I always recommend booking in your newborn sitting in anytime after your 20 weeks. During this time, we can have a consultation to chat about colours, styling and any questions you have about the sitting. This means as soon as your beautiful bundle arrives, all you have to do is message me and we can confirm a session date for you to come in.

One of the most asked questions is can sibling be included. Of course!! I love these images. Seeing the connection they have from that start is just so special and a part of their story together.

All newborn sessions are in my beautiful studio. The studio is fully equipped for newborns, a warm and cosy environment with space for parents to relax and even toys for siblings to play with. Being a mum I understand how precious our little bundles are. I have had my training in newborn safety and photography from UK and world-renowned photographers, but as a mum you instinctively know the little signs of when they are hungry or have a little wind.Please do get in contact if you have any questions at all.

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SE-2020-82-240SE-2020-82-240 SE-2020-61-258SE-2020-61-258Portrait Consultation

Before each session we can have a consultation to discuss your session. This can be over the phone or in the studio. We can chat about styles, colours, hobbies or any special object you would like to include in your session. This helps me to make it bespoke and personal for you. Please see below for some examples of colour pallets. B&WB&W CreamCream GreyGrey PinkPink BlueBlue PurplePurple BrownBrown YellowYellow



Parent & Sibling images

Sibling and parent images are a great way to finish your newborn session. These are amazing keepsakes of your new growing family and perfect presents for grandparents.

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Please take some time to read through some of their Maternity and Newborn Testimonials. 

If you wish to purchase further images, prints start from £25, wall art starts from £90 and digital images start from £150


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