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Studio or on location i love to keep family sittings fun for all the family.


Keeping things fun in the studio really helps you stay relaxed and how you naturally are as a family. 

There are lots of different portrait styles to choose from. During your consultation with me we can chat about colours of background, clothing, style and the different images , for example all the family members, individuals, just children ect. 

For very small children i recommend you bring a favourite toy, snack and their favourite juice cup. These can help as a motivation if they are starting to tier.

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Lifestyle portraits are the ideal way to photograph a person in an environment as unique as they are. The Exmouth area has such an amazing choice of locations. Take a walk along the beach and play in the sea, take a stroll on the common with the family dog or simply go to the park. Its lovely to get out on location. 

Lifestyle portrait are also a fantastic way of photographing a large family group as the location can be as vast as you like.

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