cake smashcake smash

A Cake Smash is so much fun and a memorable way to celebrate your little Birthday and mark another milestone in their lives. These can be done on their Birthday, a few days before if they have a fun-packed Birthday planed, or you can do it a few weeks before so you have the images for their Birthday. They are tailor made to you with outfits and cake provided. If there is a special dietary requirement please let me know when booking. I uses the amazing Marjorie-Joans cakes'n'bakes for my cakes, she is amazing with all my dietary needs.

I alway start the sitting off with a few images while they are all clean. I then bring the cake out and let them get stuck in, some little ones love smacking the spoon on the cake and some just cant stop eating it. The butter cream and cake gets every where and the best way is to clean down is with a fab bubble bath. All little ones just love this part.

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You don't have to be a little one to celebrate your birthday in style! 



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