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The making of the "The Newborn Experience"

June 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It is really hard to describe a newborn sitting to a mum-to-be. It is so different to what most people think. So what is the best way to put new parents a little bit more at ease about having them precious moments captured in still imagery? Have a sitting filmed.

I have worked with the talented Cloudhill Productions before so I did not hesitate to call them in again. 

Due to the amount of camera kit from both myself and Cloudhill the sitting would have to be a little slower, so I placed a model call for a little one. I had a fantastic response and a few days later we had the beautiful 14 day old James come into the studio with his doting parents and big sister Libby. It was a dream sitting with James being such an amazing model. When photographing siblings and newborns I find it a little easier to bring them in at the end of a sitting. Libby joined us at the end of the sitting, so we made her feel like a princess and she was such a superstar.

As I was finishing positioning with James, I would move aside a little to let the cameramen Russ and Gaz work their magic and capture the footage they needed. They were so professional and at some points, I totally forgot they were in the studio too. 

After editing all the images for the client, I sent them to Cloudhill for them to use within the video. The turnaround was amazing and I am so pleased with the final product. 

The Newborn Experience video has been such an amazing tool to show parents what to expect from a sitting and also to show how safe and relaxed it should be.

To view the full video please go to the home page on my website and to view more work by Cloud=hill Productions go to

Enjoy!!! x


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