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looking for a newborn photographer?

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Looking for the right newborn photographer is like looking for the right wedding photographer. It's a magical time in life and should be captured. All photographers have there own style and approach to capturing their images. But when it comes to newborn photography safety is a must!

In that 14 day window after birth is the best time to capture the miracle that has just come into the world. Not to worry if they are older, this it just means we can take a few different images. Little ones at this age can not generate their own temperature, so keeping them warm at a safe temperature and monitoring all the time is essential. They are still supple but support is needed for their neck and heads at all time! You also have to learn sleep patterns and reading a newborns little signs if they are not happy. You don't want to be waking them by putting them in a position they are not happy in if it's taken you 20 mins to get sleepy. 

So once you have mastered all that you can think about the photography side. Newborns have skin like porcelain and if using studio light or flash it is very easy to burn out (over expose) the skin, face in particular.

Editing newborns is a science and magical art! Lol. Their skin tones vary from their face to their bottom, then throw in a little jaundice, milk spots and a little dry skin in for extra measure. Every newborn has them and it make them amazing. Some images are what we call composite images, many images blended into one. This is done for baby's safety and a spotter is needed for assistance. 99% of the time it is Daddy while mummy chills for a bit.

The experience should always be relaxed for parent and baby. Babies are extremely in tune with their mummy's and if you are stressed they will be.

So to all parents looking for a newborn Photographer consider a few things. Choosing the cheapest photographer you can find is not the way to go. There are photographers out there for all budgets and that work safe. Think of it like buying a new car. If you go to the back street car dealer what is your car going to be like, than if you go to a reputable garage that will sit you down and guarantee you a safe and working car. 

Look through their portfolios for a style you like, see if they are working safe, see if they are insured, look for testimonials, phone the photographer and see if you click.

Good luck and enjoy your experience with a newborn photographer, it’s a magic time in your life! Xx

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