Serenity Eye Photography | Inspirational Course By two amazing ozzies!

Inspirational Course By two amazing ozzies!

May 18, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

As a photographer is always lovely to follow other photographer’s work, keep current and admire the masters of your art.

I have followed and admired two Austrian Newborn photographers since my start of my newborn chapter. Luisa Dunn and Elise Gow are among the worlds leading newborn photographer.

I heard a buzz back in November that they would be doing their first Newborn classes in England together. I Singed up for the mailing list and waited in anticipation for the release date. When it came I signed up immediately. May could not come quick enough.

As the date approached a Facebook page was set up by Luisa and Elise for us to communicate with other course members from their UK and USA courses .The feel was so welcoming, everyone lovely and chatty and the love for their art so apparent.

A meal for the night before the course was organised for us all to meet and get to know each other. With excitement and nerves we all went and met are idols.  We where blown away with their warmth . Their excitement to teach matched our enthusiasm to learn….oh and they where tall lol. It was lovely to meet all the 15 international course attends, with some flying in fro Turkey, Belgium, France and Oman to name a few.

The course was held in a stunning building in Finchley London and hosted by the lovely Russ Jackson who set an amazing atmosphere for the few days.

From the onset both Luisa and Elise where open books for use to ask question. On day one we where lucky to have three amazing newborns. To beautiful girls and a hansom little boy. They tort us as they wrapped and positioned the baby’s. They day went in a flash trying to absorb all their knowledge. I left the first day mentally exhausted and emotional. The love from them both for their art and the enthusiasm to teach and share their knowledge was ore inspiring. I have done many course within my photography carer and I can truly say I have never felt so inspired and motivated. I wish I could bottle them up!!

Day two was just as amazing with only one newborn, a little more PowerPoint and of course  a group photo and one with Luisa and Elise.

It was fantastic to also meet so many like minded photographers and exchange detail. I can simply say that this has been the most amazing, ore inspiring course that was presented by two of the most genuine and beautiful people you could meet. I hope they will return to the UK soon to pass their love to many more photographers.

The images below are from the course over the two amazing days and the fantastic bunch of photographer! Xx  


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