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Luke | 8 Days

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It is always lovely to have a call from a client that has a very special request. This call came with two. A request for her beautiful newborn Luke to be on her horse's saddle and to have a few image with a nod to Star Was.

It is always love to get these calls as is nice to make such personal images for a client and to posh my self technically. 

To make sure the saddle would be safe to use it was dropped off a few day before the sitting. I spent an evening playing around with making the saddle safe and playing with lighting. Once i was happy i took different digital images with and without flower ect. When taking the images on the day luke was an absolute dream and fitted on the saddle perfectly. Mum sat next to Luke and had a point of contact at all time. Taking images of Lukes head first while she held Lukes' bottom and then moving side her holing Lukes head and neck. All the images are then put together in PhotoShop and can be dropped into the digitals that were taken a few nights before.

Newborn Photography.Newborn Photography.Newborn Portrait The other very special request was an image for his big brother that loves Star Wars and with the name Luke it had to be done. For this image i had to raid my husbands props lol This image is also a composite image for safety and using the same hands on techniques as the saddle image. He was a star at this pose to.

Newborn Photography.Newborn Photography.Newborn Portrait

After a little feed and a move around of the studio we went on to do some wrapped images in a bowls. Babies love these poses as they just sleep so deeply. Keeping to the colour theme form the prop images we stayed with browns, creams and blacks this make all the images sit well together once they are printed as wall art.

Newborn Photography.Newborn Photography.Newborn Portrait

Newborn Photography.Newborn Photography.Newborn Portrait

A family blanket form a special grand parent made a lovely set of images in the finished gallery.

Newborn Photography.Newborn Photography.Newborn Portrait

We finished the sitting with some images on the plain blankets and of course with the little tooshie up. All ways a keeper for the 18th birthday.

Newborn Photography.Newborn Photography.Newborn Portrait

There is nothing better than to produce bespoke images for clients.


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