Serenity Eye Photography: Blog en-us Serenity Eye Photography (Serenity Eye Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:15:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:15:00 GMT A cake smash for all ages!! You are never too old to have a cake smash.

It is always amazing when a client asks for something a little different. When we shot Helena beautiful girl Delilah as a newboon Helena always wanted to do a tutu shoot. When Delilah was around one was going to be a good time. She wanted to do this around her 30th birthday and we joked about doing a 30th cake smash.

SE-2017-031-0069SE-2017-031-0069Family Portrait and Cake Smash in the Serenity Eye Studio.

We started the sitting off with a few images of as a family. Then onto the two beautiful girls, Helena and Delilah with some fun tutu images, a very special request of a silhouette of just their feet. The girls loved it and they both looked amazing.

SE-2017-031-0085SE-2017-031-0085Family Portrait and Cake Smash in the Serenity Eye Studio.

SE-2017-031-0123SE-2017-031-0123Family Portrait and Cake Smash in the Serenity Eye Studio.

They both had a little break while I set up the for the cake smash, putting the bunting and balloons in place. We started with a few images just with the cake and after three Helena went for it! It was a good choice to choose a chocolate cake for a change.  Fare to dark for little ones normally. After a few minutes we had some amazing images so we got Delilah in to join in the fun and enjoy cake with mum. We laughed so hard during the sitting that my face mussel were hearting.

SE-2017-031-0362SE-2017-031-0362Family Portrait and Cake Smash in the Serenity Eye Studio. SE-2017-031-MontageSE-2017-031-MontageDesign Templates for Photographers


It goes to show that whatever age you are you can enjoy cake and have fun and what an amazing way to celebrate a milestone with your daughter!


Thank you Helena again for one of the funniest sitting I have done in a long time!! xx

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Luke | 8 Days It is always lovely to have a call from a client that has a very special request. This call came with two. A request for her beautiful newborn Luke to be on her horse's saddle and to have a few image with a nod to Star Was.

It is always love to get these calls as is nice to make such personal images for a client and to posh my self technically. 

To make sure the saddle would be safe to use it was dropped off a few day before the sitting. I spent an evening playing around with making the saddle safe and playing with lighting. Once i was happy i took different digital images with and without flower ect. When taking the images on the day luke was an absolute dream and fitted on the saddle perfectly. Mum sat next to Luke and had a point of contact at all time. Taking images of Lukes head first while she held Lukes' bottom and then moving side her holing Lukes head and neck. All the images are then put together in PhotoShop and can be dropped into the digitals that were taken a few nights before.

The other very special request was an image for his big brother that loves Star Wars and with the name Luke it had to be done. For this image i had to raid my husbands props lol This image is also a composite image for safety and using the same hands on techniques as the saddle image. He was a star at this pose to.

Newborn Photography.Newborn Photography.Newborn Portrait

After a little feed and a move around of the studio we went on to do some wrapped images in a bowls. Babies love these poses as they just sleep so deeply. Keeping to the colour theme form the prop images we stayed with browns, creams and blacks this make all the images sit well together once they are printed as wall art.

A family blanket form a special grand parent made a lovely set of images in the finished gallery.

We finished the sitting with some images on the plain blankets and of course with the little tooshie up. All ways a keeper for the 18th birthday.

There is nothing better than to produce bespoke images for clients.

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The Serenity Eye Photography Gift Voucher! With Christmas around the corner and the search for the perfect gift for your loved ones begins, why not choose the Serenity Eye Gift voucher!

The voucher comes beautifully boxed ready for you to put around the tree.

All of the Serenity Eye portrait sittings come with their unique vouchers, stating what sitting the voucher is for, what you receive from the voucher and how to use. An extra voucher can be added to this if you wish to indulge your loved one with wall art during the viewing.

For example a Newborn sitting is perfect for parents to be, especially if they are not sure of the baby's gender or they have everything already. A family portrait sitting in the spring.

The vouchers can be redeemed any time you wish as long as all diary aline.

Photos of loved ones are a gift that just keeps giving!!

Let's make memories!!

So just choose your sitting and get in touch!! xx



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What a difference a year makes There is nothing more amazing than being part of capturing images of a tiny newborn for their parents. But it is fantastic when I see them a year later for their cake smash, their eyes are open and their personality’s shine through.

I had the pleaser of photographing Casey when she was 11 days old. She was a bundle of cuteness and has grown to be such a cheeky, beautiful star.







Casey’s cake smash started with a mini portrait sitting in a shabby chic style of grays, creams and pinks. This theme was carried on through to the cake smash.

When Casey had the cake placed in front of her she was wary at first but with some encouragement from mum she soon got into it, had fun and loved eating the cake.

With several renditions of “if your happy and you know it” we got some great images of the beautiful Casey to mark another milestone in her beautiful life.

Cack Smash and portrait sitting.Cack Smash and portrait sitting.Cack Smash and portrait sitting. Cack Smash and portrait sitting.Cack Smash and portrait sitting.Cack Smash and portrait sitting at the Serenity Eye Studio Cack Smash and portrait sitting.Cack Smash and portrait sitting.Cack Smash and portrait sitting. Cack Smash and portrait sitting.Cack Smash and portrait sitting.Cack Smash and portrait sitting. Cake Smash LargeCake Smash LargeCack Smash and portrait sitting.

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The making of the "The Newborn Experience" It is really hard to describe a newborn sitting to a mum-to-be. It is so different to what most people think. So what is the best way to put new parents a little bit more at ease about having them precious moments captured in still imagery? Have a sitting filmed.

I have worked with the talented Cloudhill Productions before so I did not hesitate to call them in again. 

Due to the amount of camera kit from both myself and Cloudhill the sitting would have to be a little slower, so I placed a model call for a little one. I had a fantastic response and a few days later we had the beautiful 14 day old James come into the studio with his doting parents and big sister Libby. It was a dream sitting with James being such an amazing model. When photographing siblings and newborns I find it a little easier to bring them in at the end of a sitting. Libby joined us at the end of the sitting, so we made her feel like a princess and she was such a superstar.

As I was finishing positioning with James, I would move aside a little to let the cameramen Russ and Gaz work their magic and capture the footage they needed. They were so professional and at some points, I totally forgot they were in the studio too. 

After editing all the images for the client, I sent them to Cloudhill for them to use within the video. The turnaround was amazing and I am so pleased with the final product. 

The Newborn Experience video has been such an amazing tool to show parents what to expect from a sitting and also to show how safe and relaxed it should be.

To view the full video please go to the home page on my website and to view more work by Cloud=hill Productions go to

Enjoy!!! x

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looking for a newborn photographer? Looking for the right newborn photographer is like looking for the right wedding photographer. It's a magical time in life and should be captured. All photographers have there own style and approach to capturing their images. But when it comes to newborn photography safety is a must!

In that 14 day window after birth is the best time to capture the miracle that has just come into the world. Not to worry if they are older, this it just means we can take a few different images. Little ones at this age can not generate their own temperature, so keeping them warm at a safe temperature and monitoring all the time is essential. They are still supple but support is needed for their neck and heads at all time! You also have to learn sleep patterns and reading a newborns little signs if they are not happy. You don't want to be waking them by putting them in a position they are not happy in if it's taken you 20 mins to get sleepy. 

So once you have mastered all that you can think about the photography side. Newborns have skin like porcelain and if using studio light or flash it is very easy to burn out (over expose) the skin, face in particular.

Editing newborns is a science and magical art! Lol. Their skin tones vary from their face to their bottom, then throw in a little jaundice, milk spots and a little dry skin in for extra measure. Every newborn has them and it make them amazing. Some images are what we call composite images, many images blended into one. This is done for baby's safety and a spotter is needed for assistance. 99% of the time it is Daddy while mummy chills for a bit.

The experience should always be relaxed for parent and baby. Babies are extremely in tune with their mummy's and if you are stressed they will be.

So to all parents looking for a newborn Photographer consider a few things. Choosing the cheapest photographer you can find is not the way to go. There are photographers out there for all budgets and that work safe. Think of it like buying a new car. If you go to the back street car dealer what is your car going to be like, than if you go to a reputable garage that will sit you down and guarantee you a safe and working car. 

Look through their portfolios for a style you like, see if they are working safe, see if they are insured, look for testimonials, phone the photographer and see if you click.

Good luck and enjoy your experience with a newborn photographer, it’s a magic time in your life! Xx


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Inspirational Course By two amazing ozzies! As a photographer is always lovely to follow other photographer’s work, keep current and admire the masters of your art.

I have followed and admired two Austrian Newborn photographers since my start of my newborn chapter. Luisa Dunn and Elise Gow are among the worlds leading newborn photographer.

I heard a buzz back in November that they would be doing their first Newborn classes in England together. I Singed up for the mailing list and waited in anticipation for the release date. When it came I signed up immediately. May could not come quick enough.

As the date approached a Facebook page was set up by Luisa and Elise for us to communicate with other course members from their UK and USA courses .The feel was so welcoming, everyone lovely and chatty and the love for their art so apparent.

A meal for the night before the course was organised for us all to meet and get to know each other. With excitement and nerves we all went and met are idols.  We where blown away with their warmth . Their excitement to teach matched our enthusiasm to learn….oh and they where tall lol. It was lovely to meet all the 15 international course attends, with some flying in fro Turkey, Belgium, France and Oman to name a few.

The course was held in a stunning building in Finchley London and hosted by the lovely Russ Jackson who set an amazing atmosphere for the few days.

From the onset both Luisa and Elise where open books for use to ask question. On day one we where lucky to have three amazing newborns. To beautiful girls and a hansom little boy. They tort us as they wrapped and positioned the baby’s. They day went in a flash trying to absorb all their knowledge. I left the first day mentally exhausted and emotional. The love from them both for their art and the enthusiasm to teach and share their knowledge was ore inspiring. I have done many course within my photography carer and I can truly say I have never felt so inspired and motivated. I wish I could bottle them up!!

Day two was just as amazing with only one newborn, a little more PowerPoint and of course  a group photo and one with Luisa and Elise.

It was fantastic to also meet so many like minded photographers and exchange detail. I can simply say that this has been the most amazing, ore inspiring course that was presented by two of the most genuine and beautiful people you could meet. I hope they will return to the UK soon to pass their love to many more photographers.

The images below are from the course over the two amazing days and the fantastic bunch of photographer! Xx  

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The Serenity Eye Studio The Serenity Eye studio is based in the seaside town of Exmouth in Devon.

When I left the Royal Navy as a photographer I wanted to carry on my love for photography and love of working with children. With a new venture in the world of newborn photography a standard shop would be to busy and possibly to noisy. I wanted my studio to be relaxing and have a homily feel for new parents to be relaxed. We found a house that we could covert part into a studio. With a lot of work the studio was born and it is every thing I hoped it would be and more.

The studio is designed with the newborn at the hart of it but transforms into a great space to do family portraits. I have a large collection of blankets, wraps, props, hats, the list is endless and forever growing as I make bespoke sittings and my style evolves.

As you can see there is an area for parents to relax during the sittings. This is where they come back in to view their finished images.

All of my products are displayed around the studio for people to handle and view.

I look forward to welcoming you to my studio!! xx


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Cameron | 10 days When I got the call for this sitting I was very excited. Its always great to mix my old job as a photographer in the Royal Navy and my current job as a newborn photographer and especial this one. When working with medals and uniform it always important to get the exposure correct so it will not irritate Daddy after if it display as a 20”print on the wall.

The beautiful Cameron came into the studio at 10 days old. At 7lbs 5oz this made him a fantastic size to put in daddy helmet. The image is made up of 3 different images known as a composite image. One image of daddy's boots and helmet and 2 images of Cameron in a specially adapted helmet that had been stabilised. This is done for babies safety, as babies can not support the own heads at this age and putting such a fragile thing in a moving helmet is not safe. Daddy did an amazing job at spotting and supporting his head while Mum had a little relax. Cameron was great and stayed asleep even when we put him in daddy's rather over sized pocket. 

While he was still asleep we gently wrapped him and placed him in a few different basket setups. The colours and baskets are all chosen by myself after discussing what the parents would like from their sitting. This is done weeks in advance so I can order items if needed and it is something you don’t want to be doing after baby is here. We normally go with a main colour though out the sitting so images look good together.

After a little feed and cuddle with mummy he did an amazing job modelling daddy's medals and had a little cuddle with a mini teddy.

He was such a star from start to finish and a true pleasure to have in the studio!!

Please have a look through the newborn gallery and for more information on Sittings click the link!

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The South West Mother & Baby Show What do you do if there are no show's for you to show at? Do your own!!

A few years ago I was going to be showing at a show at WestPoint Arena. With regret the show was cancelled. I started looking around to find somewhere else. All I could find were a few markets. All great but not where I wanted to be. I once read a book on marketing that said” if there are no shows for you, then make one” So that’s what I decided to do…well after a baby and a few ops later. lol

Introducing the South West Mother & baby show!

Come down to the Ocean suit, Ocean in Exmouth on the 9th of March 2017 10am - 4pm.

There are some amazing exhibitors and there are no stalls the same. Each is unique from Finger print art, baby massage, chocolate, First aid classes, products for babies and mummy's! Oh and photography! Lol head over to out Facebook page to see them all. Website is under construction for the next show on the 26 th November! So pop that date in your diary to!

looking forward to seeing some of you there! Pop over and say hi!! Xx

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BIPP South West Photographer of the year 2017 This year the British Institute of Professional Photographer (BIPP) South West region held their annual awards at the Creative Innovation Centre in Taunton, Devon. The awards held on the 7th of February were hosted by the World renowned portrait photographer Bella West.

The day started with an inspirational talk from London based hotographer Scott Johnson. His amazing images of Auschwitz were breath taking and he was awarded with a fellowship from BIPP with these images.

In the afternoon was a fantastic talk by wedding Photographer Kevin Mullins on the science/ dark art of SEO and online marketing.

After a coffee break Bella present the awards to the winning images of the annual regional photographic competition. The BIPP south region consists of Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and as high up as Bridgend and Cardiff.

To become a member and how to submit a portfolio of work go to or just head over and have a look at some of the most amazing images from BIPP members.


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